We provide group presentations and family consultations that prepare and empower individuals, families and their community to carry out a home or family-directed funeral, with or without the services of a funeral director. We also have a Lending Library and Equipment Rental Service that will equip you with the tools and supplies needed to care for your loved one after death occurs.

DIY Family-Directed Workshops

We do not have one scheduled at this time.

Group Presentation

We offer presentations/workshops from 30 minutes to a full day, depending on the needs and wishes of your group. Topics that can be covered are:

  • Why a home or family-directed funeral
  • Explore and discern funeral options
  • Advance planning
  • Green burial and conservation cemeteries
  • Preparing the body to lie-in-honor
  • Meeting WI legal requirements and acquiring the necessary paperwork
  • Personalize a casket
  • What is a Vigil,  Creating Sacred Space.

Call or email the Threshold Care Circle to arrange for a presentation for your group (Local classes have a minimum of 6 people, maximum 12).  Info@threshldcarecircle.org or 608-371-9056‬

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Individual or Family Consultations

TCC offers in person or telephone consultations to answer specific questions that will help you make decisions at the time of a death. We work with families at-need to prepare for end-of-life and after death choices.  Call to schedule an appointment with one of our volunteers.

Lending Library

Books and DVDs on Death and Dying are available on loan at our library, located at TCC Office. Call for open hours.

Equipment Rental

Rental Agreement Form

We provide the following equipment for loved ones to care for their own dead.

  1. The Death Midwifery Kit includes oils, swabs, cloths, gloves, sheets, wipes, towels… all the items necessary for cleaning and care of the body. We offer the use of this kit free of charge, but ask that you replace any items that run out.
  2. Cardboard Cremation Coffin—this is the coffin that families can use to bring the body to the crematory. TCC has a cardboard coffin on hand that can be used and then replaced with a new one by family when the body is transported to the crematory. (Replacement cost for these coffins are about $75.)stretcher
  3. Flexible Stretcher — This is a board that can use to carry the body from one room to another or even down a flight of stairs etc. We offer the use of this stretcher free of charge and ask that it is returned cleaned and in good repair.


TCC volunteers are: Kathy Doerfer, Charlene Elderkin, Liz Franklin, Tracy Mangold, Susan Nesbit and Kelly Whited-Ford.

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