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DIY Family-Directed Funeral - June- 15, 2024

Driftless Green Burial Alliance

(DGBA) is an initiative of the Threshold Care Circle and exists to promote and develop natural burial options in Southwestern Wisconsin. 

South Western Wisconsin Green Burial Survey

Let’s find out what is important in our region…
Lee Webster created this survey a few years ago for New Hampshire Funeral Resources and Education (https://www.nhfuneral.org/) to see what people were thinking about and wanted when it came to green burial. We thought it would be interesting to see what the results are for our neck of the woods. Want to register your thoughts? It will take you 5 minutes tops to record your choices. We’ll publish the results on our website in a few month.

My Final Wishes

Eventually, we must all face our own death. How comforting if those left behind after we die know our “final wishes” and the details needed to carry them out. MFW is a comprehensive planning guide for dying, funeral, and burial planning. 

Caring For Our Own

Family – directed funerals are an authentic and healing after-death care experience in a safe and familiar place.


We provide group presentations and family consultations that prepare and empower individuals, families and their community to carry out a home or family-directed funeral, with or without the services of a funeral director.


The Threshold Care Circle is a nonprofit 501c3 organization committed to educating individuals and communities on Home Funerals and Green Burials.

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We hold weekly open office hours during which time we are available for short consultations. Our Lending Library of books and DVDs on death and dying is open during this time as well.  

Address: 500 E. Jefferson Street, Rm 202, Viroqua, WI 54665

Phone:  608-371-9056‬  Please leave a message and we will get back to you asap.

Business Hours: At this time we are offering consultations three ways:  Zoom, phone or in person outside if weather permits. Please use the “contact us” form to the left to schedule an appointment.  Resources can also be checked out through the form.