TCC Network

The Threshold Care Circle (TCC) Network is a group of volunteers committed to spreading the word about home funeral and green burial options, participating in the on-going trainings and field trips of the TCC and looking for ways to connect TCC to other organizations.

TCC Network members aren’t required to attend monthly meetings or serve as board members, but they do have the training and ability to answer and refer people to proper resources.

Members of the TCC Network will:

  • Work to uphold TCC’s mission
  • Understand and act within the laws of the State of Wisconsin
  • Be available for events, trainings, or fundraising efforts.

To become a member of the TCC Network:

  1. Complete a TCC or other home-funeral class.
  2. Submit a TCC Network Member application 
  3. Meet with Network Membership team.
  4. Be approved at an operational TCC meeting.