Paper Trail


  1. NOTICE OF REMOVAL (Not necessary when death occurs at home)
    1. The facility (hospital, nursing home, hospice) will have this form.
    2. A family member completes the “Funeral Director / Next of Kin”
    3. The family takes one copy; the facility files the original.
    4. The name of the doctor who will be signing the death certificate is recorded on this form. Make note of this person’s name.
    5. Once this form is completed it is legal for a family member to transport the body. Note that a family member must at all times be in the vehicle with the body.
  2. Contact the County Coroner
    1. At the time of death the Coroner needs to be notified. Either you or the facility can make this call.
    2. Ask the Coroner to bring with him/her:
      1. Report For Final Disposition (also known as “Burial Transit Permit”)
      2. Death Certificate (with instructions)
      3. Cremation Release (if you intend to cremate)
    3. When the Coroner arrives she/he will view the body and make inquiry into the cause of death.
    4. If you are planning to cremate there is a 48 hour wait between the time of death and when cremation can occur. Let the coroner know that you are aware of the 48 hour hold rule and are making plans accordingly. Then you will want to contact the cremation facility and keep them informed of your plans. The Crematory may require an additional CREMATION AUTHORIZATION form. Per Wisconsin law, a family member must be in the vehicle that transports the deceased.
    1. A family member must complete and mail this form within 48 hours of the death.
    2. 2 copies are mailed – one to the Register of Deeds and one to the Coroner or Medical Examiner.
    3. This form contains much of the same information as is on the “Notice of Removal.”
    1. A family member completes the “Funeral Director” portion.
    2. You then get the Doctor that was recorded on the “Notice of Removal” form to sign the “Medical Certification” section. (This is a good task for someone who wants to help but “needs some air” because the Doc has to be located and then the form has to be taken to them for his or her signature.)
    3. File the original with the Register of Deeds and make a copy for the coroner.